When Did The Ceremonies Take Place? Can You Name Any Public Buildings In India That Made Of Sandstone?

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CLASS – X (10th)
QUESTION FROM – Long Walk To Freedom (Nelson Mandela) – Chapter 2 (Class 10)

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Q. When did the ceremonies take place? Can you name any public buildings in India that made of sandstone?

Answer ⟩ The ceremonies took place on the campus of the union building of Pretoria. The Parliament House in New Delhi, the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi, the Supreme court of India in New Delhi and Madras High court in Chennai are some examples of Indian public buildings that are made of sandstone.

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Long Walk To Freedom Summary (Important Questions)

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Q. What does courage mean to Nelson Mandela?

Answer ⟩ For Nelson Mandela courage does not mean the absence of fear but a victory over fear. According to him brave men need not be fearless but should be able to conquer fear.

Q. Which does he think is natural to love or to hate?

Answer ⟩ For Nelson Mandela love comes more naturally to the human heart than hate.

Q. What “twin obligation” does Nelson Mandela mentioned?

Answer Nelson Mandela mentions that every man has twin obligations. The first is to his family, parents, wife, and children. And the second obligation is to his people of his community and his country.

Q. Does Nelson Mandela think the oppressor is free? why or why not?

Answer ⟩ Nelson Mandela does not feel that the oppressor is free because according to him a the oppressor is a prisoner of hatred who is locked behind the bars of prejudice and narrow mindedness. He feels that both the oppressor and the oppressed are robbed of their humanity.
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