What Are Training And Development? Different Techniques Of Training & What Makes Training Effective?

By | 14th November 2019

Here In this post Let’s talk about a very important Topic from ‘Business Management“. We have answered this topic or question here in this post, We hope you will get enough detail about that topic. So, the topic or question is What Are Training And Development? Different Techniques Of Training & What Makes Training Effective? Here We’ll Discuss These Topics – Training And Development Introduction / Types Of Training And Development / Training And Development Notes. (Check The Answer Below)

Question – What are training and development? What are the different techniques of training and what makes training effective?

Training And Development Introduction
Training and development introduced a program in which knowledge, techniques, skills, and abilities are given to the employees, with the aim of increasing their performance level, in their existing roles, as well as providing them learning opportunities, to further their growth and promotions. Also, they can develop more skills in them with these types of programs.

Types Of Training And Development

So, There are many types of techniques which are:-
1. Vestibule Training
2. Role-Playing
3. Lecture Method
4. Conference or Group Discussions
5. Programmed Instruction
6. Audio-Visuals.

1. Vestibule Training:
In this method, the actual work conditions are simulated in the classroom. A special space is introduced from the actual production area and is equipped with furnishings similar to the actual workplace.

2. Role-Playing:
Method of human interaction that involves realistic behavior in an imaginary situation. This method involves the creation of a realistic situation in which the participants assume and play the role of a specific personality in the situation.

3. Lecture Method:
It is a cut to cut method of instruction that involves a verbal presentation of information by an instructor to a large audience. The instructor or leader organizes the material and gives it to a group of trainees or employees in the form of talk. By motivating interest among the trainees or employees this method can be made effective for sure.

4. Conference or Group Discussions:
The main advantage of this method is that there is the involvement of all the participants in the group. Basically, In this method of training, a group of people freely discuss their ideas and share finally draws conclusions on various aspects that contribute towards the improvement of job performance.

5. Programmed Instruction:
In this method of training, there is no intervention of a trainer. The subject-matter to be learned is presented in a series of planned sequential units. After reading each part, the learner must answer a question about it for which feedback in the form of the right answers is provided.

6. Audio-Visuals:
At any company or organization, Audio-visual training methods are used widely these days. This method makes use of slides, overhead projectors, television, videotapes, audio-tapes, and films. The main advantage of this method is that the quality of the presentation will remain equal for all training groups.
In this method, Employees can easily understand the leader and that why there is no scope for doubts for the participants. So, It’s one of the good methods of training and development.

What Makes Training Effective?
So, we can say that the perfect training and development techniques or events that may be introduced by the top-level management for the employees can lead to very great effective training discussions.

1. The training program should be planned properly.
2. Allow sufficient time to the employees for there training and development program,
3. Set clear targets for the employees so that they can get clear knowledge from the program,
4. Use the best person to lead the Training and Develop program So that he can deliver the message nicely to the employees and teach them best.

Training And Development Notes
Training And Development Notes What Is Training And Development Introduction? Types Of Training And Development, Training And Development Notes, What Makes Training Effective?


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