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In This Post, We Will Be Discussing The Summary Of “The Letter” By Dhumaketu. A Chapter From Class 10th, English Book. Explained Especially For CBSE Students. Kindly, Read The Summary Below For Understanding The Chapters Nicely.

The Letter Dhumketu Summary 

“The Letter” is a story written by “Gaurishankar Govardhandas Josh”, popularly known as Dhumaketu, a famous Indian writer.

The story opens with coachman Ali a very old and sickening person who has been visiting the local post office for the last five years to receive a letter from her daughter Miriam who is married to a soldier. He goes there in the morning and stays there till the evening. But, alas! The letter doesn’t come. Every day he goes back empty-handed and dejected. At the post office, everyone considers him mad and often mocks him for this weird behavior of his.

Coachman Ali who is also a hunter has stopped hunting after his daughter left him in distress and sadness. One day a particular incident takes place. Ali reaches the post office in a severe bad condition and he finally becomes impatient. He has an argument with the postmaster who is seen busy with other preoccupations and calls Ali a ‘pest’ for visiting the post office and irritating him every day. Ali feeling humiliated and crestfallen decides to leave the post office. But before leaving, he meets Laxmi Das, a clerk in the post office, and gives are five guineas. He makes her promise that he will deliver his daughter’s letter to his grave. After this incident, Ali is not seen for a while.

Fate now plays the same game with the postmaster as his daughter falls sick in another town and he has no information about her. He is seen eagerly waiting for her letter just like Ali. While waiting for the letter he finds Miriam’s letter written to his father. Postman, now a changed person understands the value of that letter and decides to deliver it personally to Ali. The next morning when he reaches Ali’s home, he finds that he has been dead for the past three months.

Laxmi Das, the clerk, tells him of Ali’s last words to her and the promise which she made. To recompense for their bad conduct, both the postmaster and Laxmi Das visit Ali’s grave and place the letter on it.

This ascertains to be a very harrowing experience for the postmaster. This makes him realize that these are not only letters wrapped in envelopes but human emotions that get conveyed. He then curses himself as he is also a father and being one he has failed to understand the crisis of Ali. Another traumatic day passes for the postmaster as he also waits for her daughter’s letter.

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