Science – Chapter 2 (Acids, Bases And Salts) Important Questions For 2019 Board Exams – Class 10

CLASS – X (10th)

Science – Chapter 2 (Acids, Bases And Salts) Important Questions For 2019 Board Exams – Class 10

Q1. Why does phenolphthalein consider as acid base indicator ? [2]
Ans – It is because it turns pinks in basic solutions while it remains colourless in acidic and neutral solutions. It is able to differentiate acids and bases. 

Q2. Name a salt of strong acid HNO3 and a weak base like NH4OH. Represent the reactions that takes place ?

Ans – The salt that forms due to the below reactions is Ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3). The reactions is represented as :- HNO3 + NH4OH —> NH4NO3

Q3. When is acetic acid called a weak acid through there are 4’H’ atoms in the molecules ? [1]
Ans – Acetic acid is called a monobasic acid because only one of the 4’H’ atoms of the acid get released as H+ ion in solution. 

Q4. (a) Why does acidic solutions conduct electricity ? [1]
(b) Can basic solutions conduct electricity ? 
(c) Can separation of H+ ions in acidic takes place when HCL is added to a non-aqueous solution ? 
Ans – (a)  Due to the presence of ions (H+ ions and its counter ions) they conduct electricity.
(b) Yes, basic solutions conduct electricity.
(c) No, there will not be any dissociation of HCL in non-aqueous solution.

Q5. When acid reacts with bases, what types of compounds forms ? [1]
Ans – When acid reacts with bases then Salts and water forms.

Q6. Solution P has a pH of 13, solution Q has a pH of 6 and solution R has a pH of 2. {2}
(a) Which solution will be liberate Ammonia from Ammonia sulphate ?
(b) Which solution is a strong acid ?
Ans – (a) Solution P.
(b) Solution R.

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