Why Retailers Win with Google Shopping (Digital Marketing)

Topic – Why Retailers Win with Google Shopping (Digital Marketing)
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Why Retailers Win with Google Shopping (Digital Marketing)

So, Why do you think Google Product Listing Ads have been so successful for retailers over the past year?

PLAs have seen tremendous performance in the year and a half since they launched as a paid offering. Just comparing the key Q4 2013 to 2012, impressions and clicks more than tripled, and spend grew at roughly twice that rate. Even compared to traditional PPC, which also saw huge growth, the rates for PLAs were downright astonishing.

The key is in the CTR, which is roughly 50% higher than traditional PPC. The simple fact is PLAs put the product, price and image directly in front of the shopper who raises their hand and says “I want to buy this.” Searchers can virtually window shop from the SERP and know that they’re a click away from buying what they want at the price they’re willing to pay.

But, The Question Is – How do you see Google Shopping playing a larger, perhaps different role in Retail Search in the next 2-3 years?

The most obvious change coming is Google Shopping Campaigns, which essentially cements the concept that PLAs have gone from an optimizable feeds-based system to an optimization system first and foremost, just one that happens to be supported by a product feed. The other thing to keep an eye on is in the mobile space, where PLAs underperformed in the key holiday weekend last year. Expect a lot of attention on bringing up both CTR and spend for mobile traffic.

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