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Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger Summary

Mrs. Packletide, an English woman, who was not a very courageous person by nature, became envious of her neighbor, LoonaBimberton, who had been recently conveyed in a plane by an Algerian pilot. In an attempt to outshine her she wanted to procure tiger skin and flaunt it at her home. By some means, if she succeeded in killing a tiger and she was confident that her photo would appear in the press. She planned that she would throw a party in Curzon Street in honor of LoonaBimberton, but she believed she will grab the limelight and everyone will discuss her accomplishment instead. In addition to this, she wanted to gift a tiger-hook clasp on Loona’s next birthday, So, all her actions were governed by her dislike for Loona.

Circumstances proved favorable too like an old and feeble tiger was passing by a neighboring town looking for food. Mrs. Packletide agreed to pay one thousand rupees to anyone who would be able to help her to shoot it. The villagers agreed to help in any way possible since one thousand rupees was a good amount of money. They tried their best to bind the tiger to the town. Youngsters were asked to stay back on the fringes of the nearby wilderness day and night so as to drive the tiger back to town. Some goats were placed in order to attract the tiger. Mothers were asked to avoid singing lullabies to their children loudly so as to not disturb the tiger’s sleep. The only anxiety among the villagers had been regarding the fact that the tiger should die due to old age before the hunting.

Mrs. Packletide came along with a paid partner Miss Mebbin on the night of the hunt. The villagers built a stage in a strategically located tree. The ladies sat on the stage and a goat with a loud bleat was tied. Soon, the tiger showed up and gradually stalked towards the goat. Mrs. Packletide fired a shot and the tiger collapsed. The villagers started celebrating by beating drums and singing. Even Mrs. Packletide was very happy.

Miss Mebbin being very clever pointed out to Mrs. Packletide that the bullet had hit the goat and the tiger died due to a heart attack. Mrs. Packletide was disappointed; but on the other hand, she consoled herself with the fact that she had the tiger-skin. The villagers also agreed not to reveal the mystery as they were joyouson getting the cash.

Mrs. Packletide’s picture appeared in two magazines. Loona refused to attend the lunch party but with great reluctance accepted the tiger-claw brooch. Miss Mebbin was very greedy. She decided to exploit Mrs. Packletide’s white lie. She started blackmailing Mrs. Packletide by hinting what may happen if Loona got to know that Mrs. Packletide had shot the goat and the tiger had actually died of a heart attack. Miss Mebbin indirectly stated Mrs. Packletide that she required money to purchase a weekend house near Dorking. Mrs. Packletide had no choice but to pay for that cottage. Miss Mebbinin a mocking fashion named the cabin, “The Wild Beasts.” Mrs. Packletidesince then has never liked the idea of big game shooting. She confessed to her friends that “unplanned costs were too heavy for such kind of hunting.”

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