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In the world today, pollution is a major problem but with the rise of new technologies, we hope to diminish this problem forever. New inventions are on the way to tackle these types of problems. Some inventions have already been introduced, such as hybrid cars, electric scooters and other electrical machines. A big contribution to pollution is the smoke from today’s cars, buses and also from some other transport vehicles.

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But thanks to a new and efficient way of transportation that will decrease the air pollution emitted by them “The electric bullet train”.  Bullet trains are the high-speed train that is shaped like a bullet. Bullet trains are streamlined so that they can travel faster. Electrically powered bullet train offers amazing benefits, a quiet high-speed mode of mass transportation with low environment dangers.

Usually, a bullet trains body has a long nose and a circular shape that offers higher Aerodynamic performance and less noise. To increase passenger comfort for example wing-shaped frames make much less noise than traditionally shaped once and Aluminium panels for the wall and floor section of the car body help reduce the noise in the cabin because the material has low sound transmissivity.

In Japan bullet trains are known as “Shinkansen”, Japan trains offer the fastest point to point service of any rail line in the world. There are about 6 train stops in an hour. Therefore, you’re never late for your train and be just early for the next one. In France, the TGV train is a speed record holder that has achieved the high-speed world record of 320 mph, 515 kilometres per hour.

Recently India has invested around $17 billion to build its first high-speed train system with the help of Japan. And the best part is Japan will fund more than 80% nearly 1.4 billion dollar of the project cost providing at 0.1 % interest loan due to be Rapid over the next 50 years and this became possible only because of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Shinzo Abe, The Japanese Prime Minister said that “A strong India is good for Japan and a strong Japan is good for India. We are fully committed to supporting this initiative.” He also said that “The Indo Japan relationship is not just about bilateral trade. It has developed into a strategic and global partnership in the Indian Pacific region.”

After so many years of independence, India has only a few trains which have around 140-150 kilometre per hours of speed. Trains like Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express are the fastest trains in India but the bullet trains can achieve around 250 to 450 kilometre per hours of speed. Which will prove to be very beneficial for Indians and India? And the problem in India is most of the trains run late from the time and we need bullet trains to move faster to our destination. It will really help the citizens of India.

So overall and investment in high-speed trains will increase our efficiency and will be environment-friendly. Also, it will help the citizens of India incorrect manner. India is one of the biggest developing countries in the world. So the bullet train is required for sure.

However, this won’t be easy there will be challenges for sure. There will be challenges regarding traffic Optimisation, finances, constructions, land, acquisition and many more. But we can overcome these problems because we have done this earlier too and after a few years the bullet train will become reality for sure.

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