Defining a Network. Or What Is A Network In Computer Science?

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QuestionDefining a Network. Or What Is A Network In Computer Science?

Answer – A network is two or more of two computers, connected, so that they can exchange information (such as email messages or documents) or share resources (say, disk storage or printers). In maximum cases, this connection is made via electrical cables that carry the information in the form of electrical signals. Other types of connections are used, too. For example, computers can communicate via fiver optic cables at extremely high speeds by using impulses of light. And we all know that in a wireless network, computers communicate by using radio signals.

In addition to the hardware that supports a network, you also need special software to enable communications. Earlier, one had to add this software to each computer on the network. Nowadays, network support is built in to all the major operating systems, including all current versions of Windows, Macintosh operating systems, and Linux.

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