A Shady Plot Summary | English Class 10

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In This Post, We Will Be Discussing The Summary Of “A Shady Plot” By John Hallockwho. A Chapter From Class 10th, English Book. Explained Especially For CBSE Students. Kindly, Read The Summary Below For Understanding The Chapters Nicely.

A Shady Plot Summary

This story is about a writer called John Hallockwho is known for his ghost stories. The writer in the story receives assistance from a ghost named Helen. Helen is a member of something called “Writer’s Inspiration Bureau” which aims at helping those writers who do not have an idea, how to write stories. But the ghosts are also annoyed at people who play with Ouija boards.

They are threatening to start a strike so that they can stop people from using Ouija boards. Helen approaches the writer with this message. Unfortunately, the writer’s wife has recently bought an Ouija board which she got hold of in a bargain sale. She thus forces her husband to participate in the Ouija game. The game, however, fails to reach its conclusion because it is disturbed by Helen

the ghost. John Hallock’s wife is then found to be quite angry with him and threatens to leave him forever. The writer’s cook on the other hand also threatens to resign from her job since she is afraid of the Ouija board. The writer’s wife further suspected some affair between her husband and one of her friends during Ouija game.

She thus tells the cook to get rid of Ouija board. After that, all of them are happy and back to their normal life. The ghost also leaves them forever. Finally, from all these occurrences the writer gets a strong inspiration to work on his next assignment.

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